Relaxation seems like a simple thing to do, but is it really? How many of us go from day to day with pressures mounting, knowing we need to relax. We ought to relax, yet we really do not know how to relax.

Hypnosis is a wonderful relaxation technique that not only relaxes you during the session, but can effect your life for days to come. It lowers your stress level so you are more easily able to handle the pressures of everyday life in a calmer and more efficient way. It is an easy way to learn how to relax and how true relaxation feels. It feels good! So many of my clients tell me that they haven’t felt so relaxed in years.

Physicians tell us that up to 80% of all health problems are stress related. Relaxation is not only desirable, it is essential to our health and well being. We need time to just let go of our everyday concerns and give ourselves some special time just for us.

Relaxation has been shown to:

Reduce stress
Lower blood pressure
Enhance the body’s immune response
Reduce or alleviate pain
Reduce stress related habits such as overeating and smoking
Enhance motivation, performance and creativity
Reduce test anxiety and improve memory and focus
Improve your quality of life

My fee is $80.00 per session. There is no contract in working with me. Please feel free to call me at 484-1969 if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions. I look forward to speaking with you..