It may be helpful for you to know that I am an ex smoker. It has been approximately 25 years since my last cigarette. I know first hand how trying and difficult it can be to stop smoking. I also know that you can. I have helped many, many people stop. Nicotine is a powerfully addicting drug. It can make us feel personally weak and out of control and if you are reading this brochure, you are probably ready to take your life back and be free of cigarettes once and for all. Your life and the quality of your life really does depend upon it Hypnosis is an effective tool in helping you stop smoking.. It is a tool that is powered by your motivation and desire. It is a cooperative effort. I canít MAKE you stop smoking. I can help. You need to want to quit. You have the power and I have the tools.

Hypnosis is both relaxing and empowering. It enables you to mobilize your inner resources to free yourself from this addiction. Rather than thinking about giving up something pleasurable, I help you put being a non smoker in a different more powerful and positive perspective. Everyone has their own personal reasons to stop smoking. I work with YOUR reasons and motivation to help you to quit now and forever. My clients often tell me that it was much easier for them to quit than they ever thought it would be and wish they had simply done it sooner. It is also comforting to know that I have been in practice for many years in Eugene so I am always here for help in the future.

I do my Stop Smoking program in three sessions and I charge $80.00 per session. The first two sessions are a week apart and the third session is three weeks down the line. It serves as a reinforcement. I ask you to have your last cigarette on the day you come into my office, so it is a process of stopping cold turkey. Over the years, I have found that is the easiest way to stop.

Please feel free to call me at 484-1969 if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions. I look forward to speaking with you.