"I was hypnotized by Rosemarie , hoping that she could help me with a life long problem with stress and difficulty sleeping. That night I actually slept the whole night through. I can not tell you how wonderful that feels, it’s worth a million dollars. And I’ve had another couple of pluses. Not only is my house cleaner, due to renewed energy (I’m just not laying or sitting around all the time) but …I have lost 4 lbs. Seeing Rosemarie was one of the best things I have done for myself."

Jan R.

"When I first started seeing Rosemarie I didn’t know what to expect. A hypnotherapist to lose weight? What a concept! My respect for her began within a few minutes of talking with her. She really knows how to get down to the root of the matter and gets you to focus on new paths to take. I was totally surprised at how good I felt after I had completed a session of hypnotherapy. The weight lose is working with her help. Rosemarie’s thing is to keep you on a path of improved lifestyle. Whether you need to lose weight, stop smoking or just plain relax, Rosemarie will get you there. I had a doctor recommend her to help with my weight loss because of her reputation and he hit the nail on the head. Even though I have been successful with her weight loss program, I will continue to see her until the day she retires because of what she does for my mental health. I think she is way beyond the hypnotherapy concept and I consider it an art form and she is master of her craft. I highly recommend Rosemarie."

Mark Christia


“I have known Rosemarie both personally and professionally since moving to Eugene in 1994, and can recommend her without reservation for many reasons. She has helped many of my patients quit smoking, enhance their relaxation through Guided Imagery, and cope with medical and personal challenges. She is experienced, dedicated, and very caring and friendly. My wife and I have both benefitted from seeing her ourselves and can attest to her skills. Take the opportunity to enhance your well being and make an appointment with her today.”

Jan Stafl MD, Board Certified in OB/GYN and Holistic Medicine

Rosemarie is the best.
I went to see Rosemarie to quit smoking. I smoked 2-3 packs a day for most of 30 years, the hard red pack. I quit a few times for as much as 18 months and they were miserable experiences, fighting tooth and nail to hold back the cravings for nicotine. I had tried hypnosis before and it failed, and after my first session with Rosemarie I would have bet a week's pay it wasn't going to work this time either. I told my wife as we left my first session that I still had that feeling in my chest and probably wouldn't make it home without a smoke. WRONG! This is why Rosemarie is the one to see if you want to quit smoking. It did work, even though I didn't know it and in spite of my doubts. It's been two years and I haven't smoked another cigarette since that session, and I haven't struggled a single day. I can sit in smoke-filled rooms without a qualm. I now handle stressful situations with a deep breath. Rosemarie didn't help me quit smoking, she helped me return to being the non-smoker we are all born to be. I tell every smoker I know : "Don't even try to quit on your own, you'll just fail and be even more addicted. When you are serious about quitting come stay with me and we'll go see Rosemarie."

Jim Byers......Cottage Grove

Rosemarie was a huge help in my attempts to stop smoking. I had tried on my own and with the prescription Chantix to little avail. But I was able to quit with her hypnotherapy and now have 5 months smoke free.

I first visited Rosemarie 24 weeks ago. As of today, I have lost 22 lbs. I am so pleased and happy and I feel so good. I know that with the way I am eating now, I will continue to lose. I can't thank Rosemarie enough for my non- diet. I think the work she does is so important and I will always be grateful.

After 40 years of smoking, I really wanted to quit, but each time I tried I got so emotional no one could stand me. I joked that I'd have to quit after I retire otherwise I'd lose my job! I'd OD'd on the medium level patch and the gum made my mouth hurt. I'd been hypnotized when I gave birth to my son so I knew that I was a good subject. I feel very lucky to have called Rosemarie because her program and suggestions make the whole process so easy it's shameful. She says I should feel proud of myself, but, frankly, it was so easy it's embarrasing. Not only did I NOT get emotional, I didn't gain a lot of weight and the urges are easy to ignore. I hardly ever even think about having one these days. I love not tasting that nasty taste 24/7. I love not having to plan ahead on every trip out of the house so I was sure to have enough cigarettes. Most of all, I like not paying that noxious Oregon tax. If ever there was a health way to thumb your nose at government, this is it.

Judy P

What Rosemarie does is help you connect with the reasons why you want to change or do things differently and bring them up front. She gives you the peace and confidence to know that you really can change. i stopped smoking with Rosemarie's help a year or two ago and I just wish I had done it sooner!

Jocelyn Warren

It seems like a miracle! It's been over 8 years since I stopped smoking with Rosemarie's help. And I have recently come back to see her and I've lost 32 lbs. I believe in hypnosis and I trust Rosemarie. She has the ability to integrate a person's needs into the session. She personalizes each session. People need to give this a chance. It is transforming!

Chrystina Smith

I'm sure glad I found Rosemarie. Whatever magic she's got is really great ! I do not desire cigarettes anymore. I feel great from my toes to my hair. I haven't felt this good in ten years. I don't have to worry about waking up tasting nicotine in my mouth everyday and my breathing is excellent. My month is almost up and I will be looking forward to another and another and another. I have no desire to smoke. It feels GREAT not to crave a cigarette!

Larry Mulligan

Update by Shaun Amundson.... It's now over 5 months since my last cigarette. I haven't touched one and there's no big craving. Thank you so much

About four years ago I went to Rosemarie for help to stop smoking. I was a fifteen-year veteran smoker who quit and started again several times over the years. Hypnosis was something I never considered until I read an article in the paper that sparked my interest. I felt a bit anxious about the prospect, imagining that a hypnotist might make me say and do things I would never do in a conscious state. I feared losing control. I made an appointment because I was desperate to quit.

My fears were soon allayed. RosemarieŐs office is warm, comfortable, and welcoming. Her manner is gentle, quite, and calm. She helped me assess my reasons for wanting to quit, and determined what I disliked most about smoking. Rosemarie then explained the process of hypnosis and answered all my questions. She asked me to imagine a safe, peaceful place and let me know thatŐs where we would be going. I focused on her soft voice through headphones. The journey was peaceful and left me feeling calm, deep down inside.

To be honest, I cannot remember any more particulars about our sessions. I believe I went back twice more at one-month intervals. I have not smoked again since my therapy with Rosemarie. During this time I also began to mediate and consciously structure alternative activities to smoking. I feel the combined efforts, a strong desire to quit, and an intellectual understanding about the nature of the addiction all contributed to my success. I would certainly recommend hypnosis with Rosemarie as a valuable tool for breaking long-term pattern.

Kate Parker

For 59 years, I have had a bad habit of biting my nails, a very embarrassing habit that I could not seem to stop. I have had a total of 4 sessions with Rosemarie and my fingernails are growing beautifully. I feel I now have the tools, through my work with Rosemarie, to continue on my own and my nail biting habit is in the past. It's hard to explain how much better I feel about myself. I don't hide my hands from other peoples view anymore and I will now wear a ring. I'm writing this testimonial because I want others to feel as I do.

Dave Claasen

I’ve tried all the other things..patches, gum, etc. . I’d smoked for over 30 years, always thinking, I’ll just have one more. I always needed just one more. I based everything I did around cigarettes. Now I don’t need to do that. Rosemarie helped me understand why I smoked and now I can do everything else I did before, just without a cigarette. I don’t have the desire anymore. It’s gone. I’ve had no physical withdrawals. Hypnosis with Rosemarie was so much easier. I’m calm, relaxed and excited. I don’t need cigarettes anymore. This is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family.

Barbara Siegler

It seems like a mircle! It's been 8 years since I stopped smoking with Rosemarie’s help. And I’ve recently come back to see her and have lost 32 lbs. I believe in hypnosis and I trust Rosemarie. She has the ability to integrate a persons needs into the session. She personalizes each session. People need to give this a chance. It is transforming!

Chrystina Smith

I’ve been smoking for 30 years and I’ve been trying to stop for 10 of those years. It’s been over a month now since I’ve stopped smoking through hypnosis with Rosemarie and this is the longest time I’ve been without a cigarette. It hasn’t been a gut wrenching experience. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

Doug Boxell

Over the past five years Rosemarie has helped me quit smoking and lose thirty pounds. Quitting smoking came first. I went to her at my doctor’s suggestion. Her guided imagery and hypnosis significantly eased my cravings for nicotine. It made wanting a cigarette more like wanting a piece of cake, rather than an irresistible desire. I initially tried to lose weight just by exercising. When that didn’t work I went back to see Rosemarie. She went over my diet with me, made lots of practical suggestions on easy ways to cut calories and reinforced my motivation through the imagery and hypnosis sessions. Now the sessions help me maintain the weight loss and are useful in dealing with stress.

Deborah Baumgold

I met with Rosemarie in the spring of 2001 after developing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The condition had started about three months previously, and had drastically affected my lifestyle, as I had been active with cycling, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.

During an interactive session of guided imagery with Rosemarie, she enabled me to listen to my own body in a newer, deeper way, and to discover the source of what was troubling me and causing my body to react so severely. Just discovering the cause lifted the burden, which then allowed me to work through the issue and let go of the cause of my suffering.

Within a week or two I was totally free of symptoms and I resumed my regular activities and lifestyle. I have had no recurrences of the condition since then, which has now been two years.


A session with Rosemarie can do for your mental well-being what a full body massage can do for your physical well-being. Her sessions are something that everybody could benefit from. When I leave her office I feel refreshed, empowered and ready tot ake on the world.

With Rosemarie’s help and guidance I have recently lost 30 pounds and not once during that time have I ever felt I was ‘dieting’. Instead I find myself choosing the healthier, lower fat food items without even thinking about it. And I feel so much better about myself. There are no rigid rules, no forbidden foods, just positive reinforcement. And I am reminded tat I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to do. And guess what? She is right!

Gloria Lutz