Losing weight involves more than just eating. How often do you find yourself going to the refrigerator when you know you’re not hungry or asking yourself why you ate something after the fact? We have learned to respond to certain situations like stress, anger, boredom or frustration, by putting food in our mouths. Many of us have learned to celebrate with food and to LOVE food. That way of being is too out of balance. What is exciting is that what we have learned, we can unlearn and/or begin to take a different perspective.

Rather than strict dieting, I encourage my clients to learn to eat in a balanced way, a way they can eat for the rest of their lives. It revolves around guidelines as opposed to rules. I will not tell people what to eat because they need to find how they can live and eat in a way that works for them, in their lives with their families. Exercise is also a part of the program because we know that the metabolism needs to be working efficiently in order to lose weight and to maintain weight loss. Again, the exercise needs to be something that works for you, not just now, but for the long term.

A wonderful thing about hypnosis is that it is a powerful stress reducer. In a more relaxed state of mind, it is easier to make better choices. And that’s what I think losing weight is all about. It is about choices…Choices that work for you and in your lifestyle. The reason I don’t believe in diets is because they are too restrictive and are about perfection. As long as you are perfect, things are fine but if you have one item not allowed, most people find themselves in a cycle of feeling guilty and eating more.

Hypnosis not only relaxes you, but it helps you to be more sensitive to your body and what it needs. It is also a way of learning in a quicker way. It helps you to let go of old belief systems and to program in new ways of being and behaving. I use the process of creative visualization along with hypnosis to help my clients see themselves the way they want to be. This enables them to focus on the positive aspects of the changes and increases motivation.

In hypnosis we are working with the subconscious mind. It is a place of deep and profound learning. It is activated by your imagination and motivation. As a hypnotherapist, I act as a guide but you are always in control. Together we activate that place of inner strength and love for you to take care of you. You really do deserve it!

My weight loss program involves four initial sessions, a week a part. After that I encourage my clients to come in once or twice a month for reinforcement sessions for how ever long that is helpful to them.

My fee is $80.00 per session. There is no contract in working with me. Please feel free to call me at 484-1969 if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions. I look forward to speaking with you.